Monday, March 31, 2008

64-Bit Database Mail, SQL Server Agent, and Microsoft Support

When I was preparing to do my first install of SQL Server 2005 64-bit I came across this article in Microsoft Help and Support: The article states that, "SQL Server Agent is not integrated with Database Mail or with SQL Mail in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 64-bit editions..." with a note that, "In SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you can use SQL Server Agent to interact with Database Mail as the mailing system on 64-bit operating systems." Well, after reading the article, I was not sure if SQL Server Agent supported Database Mail without going through the steps in the article or not. Did SP1 fix an issue in the RTM edition or did SP2 cause an issue?

I installed SQL Server and added SP2. I then setup Database Mail and found the bug I note in my earlier posts about The Ghost of Database Mail (1 and 2). I also tested using Database Mail with SQL Server Agent Job Notifications and Alerts and I was happy to find that it does indeed work and Microsoft's Help and Support article should state in it's note that, "SP1 and later adds support for Database Mail with SQL Server Agent". IMHO this would make it clear that Database Mail integration is now supported on the 64-bit platform.

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