Saturday, November 1, 2008

Props for my daughter

I know that this is normally and is intended to be a technical/professional blog, but I have to brag about my 9 year old daughter, Danielle, today. She joined the Orlando Devil Dogs Young Marine unit in September. There are 6 Saturday's of recruit training where the new recruits learn Marine and Young Marine history, customs and courtesies, physical fitness training, and drill. When you finish and pass (there are tests) each recruit becomes a Young Marine private, except for the Honor Recruit who is immediately promoted to Private First Class. Well, Danielle was the youngest and smallest recruit in her class of 7 recruits, and she was the Honor Recruit! This means she had the highest test scores, showed leadership, and desire to learn. I have to admit that I was not sure about her joining the program, but she LOVES it and is doing well at it. If she sticks with it and continues to do well, she will have the opportunity to travel and also earn scholarships. Any way, I know this is not a technical or professional post, but since it's my blog I get to be the proud dad today.

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