Thursday, April 16, 2009

Accepted to Speak at SQLSaturday Pensacola

I found out this afternoon that my session, Getting Started with SQL Server Profiler, was accepted and put on the SQLSaturday Pensacola schedule.  This will be the third time overall I’ll have done this presentation and second SQLSaturday. 

It’s always an honor to be chosen to speak especially when you look at the other speakers.  This is almost like a SQL Server MVP meeting with Steve Jones, Andy Warren, Rodney Landrum, Brad McGehee, Jessica Moss, Brian Knight, and others that either are or could be MVPs.  As you can see just from that short listing it is quite a line up.

I actually didn’t expect my session to be accepted with Brad McGehee having submitted a Profiler session as well, and considering that he wrote a book on it.  Fortunately his session is a more advanced session, that I plan on being in, so I can improve my understanding.

I’m looking forward to seeing Steve, Brian, and Rodney again and then having the opportunity to meet in person several people I follow on on-line like Tim Mitchell, Jessica Moss, and Brad. 

It’ll be a great time to learn and network (I’ll be working on the ideas that Andy has in his blog series).

I’m also interested in meeting YOU! Here’s the link to register.

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