Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off Topic – Why I’m unclebiguns on Twitter

There may be some people wondering why I go by the name @unclebiguns on Twitter.  I am basing this on the following facts:

  1. I have gotten some interesting followers (blocked of course).
  2. Comments that have been made about this user name in other places as well.

I thought I’d blog (at Andy Warren’s suggestion) why I have that handle.

It goes back about 12 years when one of my best friends had their first child.  He and I had an ongoing debate going on who ate more and who was fatter, so to try to get me going he taught his daughter to call me Uncle Biguns after my stomach.  It’s kind of funny because I have grown into the name as I now wish I weighed what I weighed back then.  Since it is a unique name (last night Chad Miller commented that I was the only unclebigun’s he knows), I decided to use it as a user name for fantasy sports, etc….

So if you wondered why or what it meant, there it is.  I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

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