Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where Will We PASS Each Other?

In my a post on Monday, I talked about who I want to meet while at the PASS Summit.  Today I’m going to post where I plan to be while at the Summit.


I’m scheduled to fly into Seattle at 6pm, which means I hope to be at the hotel (Sheraton) by 7:30pm.  I’ll probably try to find someone in addition to my roommate, Tim Mitchell, to have dinner with once I arrive at the hotel.


I’ll be looking for folks to meet up with for breakfast.  Then I’ll probably head to the convention center and depending on who I meet up with, either hang there for lunch or go out.

In the afternoon I have the Networking Seminar for Volunteers with Don Gabor and then the full Networking to Build Business Contacts seminar with Don Gabor.  I believe there are still some seats left for this session (only $60) and I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth.  That session leads into the Welcome Reception and Quiz Bowl.  I’ll be finishing the night at the SQLServerCentral party (instructions on how to get a ticket are here).  I’ll likely pack it in after this party.


I’ll be starting Tuesday by meeting with a group of people of like faith at breakfast, and event I’m really looking forward to.  Then I begin my sessions, of course if I get in the right conversation, I’ll skip a session or two.  Here’s the plan for the day:

  • Data Access Layers: A road map to smarter, efficient and effective queries.
  • Birds of a Feather Lunch with MVP’s.
  • Dr. DMV: How to Use Dynamic Management Views to Monito and Diagnose Performance Issues with High Volume OLTP Workloads.
  • A Tale of Careers and User Groups.
  • Exploring Index Internals.

Nothing planned for the evening so if you know of any good events to crash let me know.  I’ve already been told to follow Wendy Pastrick (@wendy_dance).


I’m not a morning person normally, but I plan to start with the Quest Vendor-hosted Breakfast with a discussion of DMV’s.  I may not get anything out of it, but I know Brent Ozar (@BrentO) and Tim Ford (@SQLAgentMan) will be there so at least I’ll meet them. Then my session plan for the day:

  • Understanding Logging and Recovery in SQL Server
  • Lunch with the people of like-faith.
  • Database Design
  • Insight into Indexes
  • Nordic – turn SQL Server into an Object DB – I want to make sure I meet Paul Neilsen.

Again nothing planned in the evening.  Feel free to let me know what’s going on.  Wendy will tire of me following her around.  She may think I’m a stalker.


Nothing planned for breakfast, but I’ll probably try to get some time with Mike Walsh (@mike_walsh) to start out the day with some Christian fellowship.  Then the sessions I’ve picked out for the day:

  • T-SQL Tips & Tricks
  • Lunch  - Featuring Regional Chapter Leaders.  I’ll be the host of the OPASS (Orlando PASS) table as my co-President, Andy Warren, has other responsibilities during this time.
  • Troubleshooting applications accessing SQL Server
  • Proactive DBA: Manage SQL Server Better
  • Advanced SQL Server 2008 Extended Events: Performance Profiling and Troubleshooting Techniques.

Again, nothing planned for the evening.  I figure I’ll be following Twitter to findn out where everyone is.


My flight home is at noon, so I’ll probably try to meet up for breakfast, then pack up and head to the airport. 

Wow, when you type up the week it seems short.  I’m sure that the week will pass much more quickly than I anticipate.  I’m looking forward to meeting people and getting as much information as I can process.

If you are on Twitter be sure to have a search for the #sqlpass hash tag.  I know I will.

See you in a few days!

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