Monday, December 21, 2009

SQLLunch Resources – Mining Nuggets from the Default Trace

I did my first SQLLunch today and it was fun.  I don’t know how many attended, my last look was 12, so not a huge crowd, but that’s okay.  It is definitely different presenting online versus in-person and there will be a blog post soon about how I found it different and where I struggled, but I digress.  I promised that I put the scripts up on my blog so here they are on SkyDrive since I can’t post them here:

Enjoy!  Oh, and as always, don’t trust any code you download from the internet, even mine always test it then improve it and then share it.


  1. In your slide-deck page#2, should that be (spell error)

  2. Yup, or you can go to which JumpstartTV has been rebranded as.


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