Thursday, January 21, 2010

SQLSaturday #32 – Tampa

Just a reminder that SQLSaturday #32 – Tampa is taking place this weekend (January 23rd).  This will be my 5th SQLSaturday and 4th as a speaker and every one has been a great event.  As a matter of fact, I enjoy SQLSaturday’s so much that I’m bringing my non-technical wife to this one with me.  You can still register here and see the schedule here.

I’ll be speaking at my 3rd SQLSaturday and my session is:

Why Should I Use Stored Procedures?

With the proliferation of ORM Tools like Linq To SQL, NHibernate, there has been a move to no longer use stored procedures for Data Access, I personally disagree. This will be a professional and polite open discussion starting with why I believe stored procedures are the best way to access data in SQL Server. Alternate view points welcome.

I’ll be sharing my views on why I believe stored procedures are better for security, performance, and maintenance.  I really do hope that there will be attendees who will share their views and experiences in a professional manner.  I have to agree with Paul Randal(@PaulRandal) who said on twitter the other day:

Credibility = being happy to admit it when you're wrong or don't know

Which reminds me of this verse:

A good reputation and respect are worth much more than silver and gold.  (Proverbs 22:1 CEV)

So far I’ve done okay in maintaining my credibility and, I think, respect and I plan on continuing that at this event as well.


  1. Awesome, but damn you and I being in the same time slot! I'd love to usher folks over to your session after my intro session so they can better understand stored procs and why they're preferred!

  2. Jack - This weekend will be my 4th SQL Saturday attendance-wise, but my first speaking. Yep, popping my cherry! Unfortunately, I'm one of the other 9AM sessions (Intro to Transactional Replication) and won't be able to enjoy your presentation on stored procedures.

    I certainly do look forward to meeting you and everyone else over a bowl of spaghetti tomorrow evening.

    Take care...Troy

  3. I will be there, but I really need to be in Brian Knight's SSIS session at that time slot. Jorge, you have pull, can't you move yours and Jack's slots so we can all enjoy both? :)

    Wish it were so!

  4. I like my 9am time slot so don't move me, Jorge.

    Discussion will definitely make this an interesting session.

  5. Lol....have a feeling I'll be hearing crickets in my 9AM session going up against you two and Mr. SSIS. It's all good. :-)

  6. Nah, replication is a big draw. No doubt that Brian will have a big crowd. I had 1 person in my Orlando session going up against Buck Woody, Scott Klein, Joe Celko. It was still fun.

  7. Jack, Maybe you didn't find somebody with a different opposed position about your presentation, just maybe because all of us, specially me totally agree with the use of SP. I also think that the way you start you presentation by breaking the ice was nice and also help to wake us up. ;) Thanks a lot for confirm my point of view and to led me to attend to the "Introduction to Execution Plan" was really helpful, thanks for this... Vinnie(The guy from Miami)


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