Thursday, August 12, 2010

PASS Nominating Committee Interview

As my regular readers know I applied to be part of the PASS Board of Directors.  The process starts with a written application which is evaluated by the Nominating Committee, you can see this years average scores here.  I was fortunate enough to make it through this first step to the interview process.

The interview takes place over the phone with as many of the Nominating Committee members who can make it.  In my case there were 2 members of the committee who couldn’t make it.  I thought the actual process for the interview was well-done.  One member of the committee went through the standard questions and, then, after I had answered the floor was opened up for follow-up questions.  I was prepared for questions about my vision for PASS and what I wanted to accomplish as part of the board, and while some of those questions were asked, there were more questions about how I handled situations in the past, like:  Tell us about a time when you persuaded someone to come to your point of view.  I was not as well-prepared for those types of questions. 

The hardest part of the interview was that is was on the phone.  I have no idea how I did.  I thrive on interaction and reading body language and you can’t do that on the phone.  It’s not that I would have changed my answers, but I might have extended some or shortened some based on those visual cues that are missing on the phone.  It was very much like presenting remotely, there isn’t much feedback to see how you are being received.

I’m hopeful that I will make the final cut so that the community can have the opportunity to vote for (or against) me.

The announcement is scheduled for August 18th.  It feels like a long way to wait. 

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