Monday, September 13, 2010

Space Coast User Group Recap

I had the pleasure of making my second annual September visit to the Space Coast SQL Server User Group in Melbourne, FL, last Thursday, September 9, 2010, to present, Introduction to Triggers.  This is small user group, but they are a lot of fun and ask good questions.  Because of the small size it is a very informal group so I took some time to talk about SQLSaturday #49 – Orlando, the pre-con on Database Design with Louis Davidson, and SQLRally before getting on with my presentation. 

The presentation went well and they caught me on one of my demos.  The demo in question demonstrates a common mistake I see in triggers and mention before doing the demos.  So, when I get to it I ask, “Can anyone see the problem with this trigger?”, and in this  case someone noticed I had left out the code, “SET NOCOUNT ON;”, at the start of the trigger body.  This was right after I had mentioned that you should always include this statement, unfortunately, this was not the problem I was trying to point out.  And, no, I’m not going to tell you what the answer I was looking for was.  If you want to get that, you’ll need to come see me present at SQLSaturday #52 – Colorado on September 25th.  Other than that, all the demos went well and the attendees learned a few new things.

Afterwards we went out to socialize at the restaurant at the local Holiday Inn where we talked SQLSaturday, football, and paper mills.  Why paper mills?  Well, it turns out that one attendee worked for the paper company that used own the mill I used to work at, and we had mutual friends in the company, and another attendee used to work for the company that wrote the truck scale software that we used at the paper mill I worked at.  It’s amazing how small the world is!

I’m tentatively scheduled to return next September, as we might as well make this an annual event!  Topic to be announced.

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