Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PASS SQLRally Professional Development Vote Done and the Development Track Vote is open

Congratulations to the winners in the Professional Development Track Vote for PASS SQLRally.  You can see the winners at http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2011/Agenda/Sessions/SessionsProfessionalDevelopment.aspx.

Now the voting is open for the Database & Application Development Track.  The various links you need are:

This vote will work a little differently than the Professional Development vote as this track has been broken down into 11 categories based on the topics submitted to simplify the voting process.  You will vote for 2 sessions in any category with more than 2 sessions and 1 session for any category with only 2 sessions.  The top vote getter in each category (top 2 for Summit Spotlight) will be put on the schedule.  The alternates will also have chance to make our Wild Card track.

Presenters – don’t forget to market your submission(s) on your blog and via Twitter/Facebook, etc… 

Voters – be sure to let everyone know you voted using Twitter and the #sqlrally hash tag.  It has been fun to watch the voting on Twitter.

Remember, you don’t have to be attending SQLRally to vote,  you just need to be a member of the community!  Vote today!

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