Friday, August 17, 2012


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything.  I have lots of excuses for not writing, but none of them are rally valid.  There are 2 real reasons for why I haven’t been writing:

  1. Writing is hard work for me and I wanted to be lazy. 
  2. I don’t want the blog just to become a place where I announce events I’m involved with and where I comment on things PASS is doing that I don’t agree like.

My plan is to try to get at least one blog post out a week that hopefully teaches someone something and also post what I’m up to.  To try to keep up with that I’m working on getting a head start by scehduling educational posts in advance.  I hope to stay 3-5 weeks ahead so there isn’t pressure to get a post out today.

I know there are a ton of blogs out there, and odds are, my posts won’t be anything earth-shattering, but it is a way to share what I’m learning, and if I learned it recently I’m sure someone else out there hasn’t learned it yet either.

Thanks for reading and I hope that, my future posts will be of help to you.


  1. Heh, I'm right there with you on that one, Jack. I need to keep up with mine better.

  2. Good idea Jack, the show must go on...

  3. Jack, I'm glad to see you return to writing, it has value regardless of the number of readers (and don't underestimate those!). As far as PASS, as a thought leader in the community we want to hear what you think. I agree it's all too easy into always finding the negatives, but don't let that stop from commenting - the community needs voices.


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