Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Undocumented Database Mail "Feature"

I was setting up Database Mail on a new server, we'll call it Jack1, the other day and, as usual, I could not remember the name of our SMTP server. Having setup Database Mail on other servers, I decided to take advantage of the new modularity of SSMS and open up Database Mail settings on another server, Jack2, so I could find my SMTP server name. I found the SMTP server name and copied over to the new account I was setting up on my Jack1 I finished setting up the account and profile and saved it. Everything should work, right? So I go to Jack1 Database Mail, right-click, and select send test mail. Error, no profiles setup on server! What!? I just finished setting up the Profile. So I right-click and select Configure Database Mail, and lo and behold, there IS NOT a profile setup. I checked the Jack2 server and there I found the new Profile! So it appears that SSMS saves the mail profile to the last server on which you had opened Database Mail setup. I will do a little more testing and post any new findings I have.

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  1. Thanks Jack, I'll watch out for that, since I should be setting this up soon.


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