Sunday, August 10, 2008

Profiler Bug?

I was working with SQL Server 2005 Profiler to prepare for a talk I will be giving at the OPASS September 9th meeting (come on out and see how I do) and I saved my definition as a template. I then re-opened the template and received and error, "Invalid Event ID". I could not figure out what had happened as 5 minutes prior I had this same Trace running, and all I had done was stop the trace and save as a template. Being intrigued by this I tried to determine what the invalid event was, but how could I do that? I used Profiler. I started a new Trace filtering out the SPID for that trace and then removing the default filter that excludes Profiler. I then opened the custom template that was failing. In my new trace I saw all the trace procedures firing and the last sp_trace_setevent was for an event if of 64000 something (I did not write down the actual event id). I then queried the sys.trace_events table to see that the highest event_id is 202. Where do the 64 thousand-something number come from? Any ideas? Is it a bug, or some kind of weird combination of events? I wish I could re-create it, but I have not been able to, any helpers out there?

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