Friday, August 29, 2008

Resource database

When SQL Server 2005 was released there were a number of changes to how you accessed system tables, such as sysobjects. The main one being that you were no longer actually accessing tables, but views, and that you should change from using sysobjects to sys.objects. A big part of that change is that many of the tables are actually in the hidden Resource database. If the Resource database is missing, corrupt, or unavailable SQL Server will not start. Now you would think that with the importance of this database you'd want to back it up, right? Well, you can't, at least not using T-SQL. I had not read anything about backing up the Resource database until today in this article, Importance of the Resource Database. So you need to do a file copy if you want this important database backed up. You'd think that Microsoft would make this more well-known if it is so important.

I'm not backing it up, are you?

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