Monday, October 13, 2008

JumpstartTV Videos Published

A couple of months ago I spent a day with the guys at JumpstartTV creating some videos on using SQL Server 2005 Profiler. Those videos have now been published. Here's a link to the first one:
Creating New Trace With Sql Server 2005 Profiler. Please comment and let me know what you think.

JumpstartTV, in this incarnation, is being filled with 1-5 minute "How to" videos on a variety of topics with a current focus on technology, specifically SQL Server and .NET. I think the nicest feature is the ability to suggest video topics. So if you don't know how to use configuration files in SSIS and there is not a video there already, you can ask for that topicand it will be available to authors, like myself, can "take ownership" and create the video.

The question that still needs to be answered is, "Is this format better than a step by step article with screen shots?". I happen to think the it will be better for some people as everyone learns differently. I definitely like the short format. I certainly hope that it takes off as I consider the guys behind it friends and want to see them succeed. Also, in a more selfish manner, I wan tmy videos to do well so they'll ask me for more.

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  1. I like 2 'watch and learn'.. but in some strange way, it seems to stick to my brain, better when read. Am i the only one ??


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