Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What happened to my profile?

When I arrived at work on Monday morning, I decided I should reboot my computer. I like to reboot regularly since that is what I always tell people to do when they call me with a computer problem. Well this time I made a mistake. When I logged in and attempted to work I found that my rights had been restricted and severely. I could no longer access my C drive and did not have RUN available. This was a little before 8:00. When the network admin came in, I put him to work on the problem. First he checked all the Group Policies that had been applied to my account and, of course, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then he tried forcing a group policy refresh, and once again, no joy. Finally he logged into my PC and renamed my local ntuser.dat file and with a reboot I was logged back in, albeit without any of my personal settings as I had a new profile. It was about 11:00 then.

All this because I decided to reboot.

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