Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Forum Etiquette Rant

I was going to post about some tools that I use for various tasks, but I was perturbed by a post on this SSC thread. The poster basically said,
"I found this as I worked on a problem and reading it is a waste of my time, you guys don't know what you are talking about"
Now maybe I shouldn't be irritated by this, but, as a frequent contributor, it bothers me when someone doesn't offer anything constructive to the thread and basically calls me an idiot at the same time.

Hey, I realize I don't know it all, and when someone posts a better solution than I did I think it's great and I use it myself.

If you find yourself on a forum and don't find it helpful, don't criticize without posting a better solution. Remember most of the contributors are doing it because they want to help, not because they are getting paid.

Remember what your mother said,
"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"

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  1. You have every tight to be irritated. I was irritated because it's a new person to the forum who hasn't spent any "sweat equity" helping others in said forum and yet feels he/she is important enough to render judgment. Sad. What happened to just being courteous and helpful towards one another?


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