Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goals for 2009

I've read several posts recently about how people did on meeting their goals for 2008, so I thought I'd post my goals for 2009.
  1. Learn SQL Server 2008, particularly policy-based management, resource governor, and service broker.
  2. Write 1 article per quarter for SQLServerCentral.
  3. Record and submit 1 video per quarter for JumpstartTV.
  4. One blog post per week.
  5. Become more involved in leadership in my local user group (OPASS).
  6. Speak at 2 community events (user groups, SQLSaturdays, etc...).
  7. Attend the PASS Summit.
Certainly all of these are attainable, but each one stretches me professionally. It has only been over about the last year that I have attempted to "broaden my horizons" through writing and speaking on technical subjects. The best part is that I have discovered that I enjoy doing it and that it has really helped me become a better SQL Server professional.


  1. I can help with #6. You're still going to be up north here on the 24th, right? Please present at the New England Data Camp

  2. Jack, please share your progress as the year wears on. Having publicly set some goals for myself as well, it's always encouraging to see others progressing toward theirs.

  3. Tim,

    That would probably be something I could do quarterly. I am working on some articles and videos, just very slowly.


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