Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Speaking at SQLSaturday #32 – Tampa

I just found out that I’ve been accepted to speak at SQLSaturday #32 – Tampa on January 23, 2010.  My session will be:

Why Should I Use Stored Procedures?

With the proliferation of ORM Tools like Linq To SQL, NHibernate, there has been a move to no longer use stored procedures for Data Access, I personally disagree. This will be a professional and polite open discussion starting with why I believe stored procedures are the best way to access data in SQL Server. Alternate view points welcome.

I hope this will turn out to be a great, open discussion where there are different viewpoints presented and honest evaluation of the best way to access data in SQL Server.

Why Attend?

If you’ve never been to a SQLSaturday, I highly recommend that you check out the schedule as there are several events upcoming all around the US.  Where else can you find a full day of free training from some of the best minds in the SQL Server community.  There are usually several SQL Server MVP’s and authors presenting in addition to the best local SQL Server minds.  The time spent in conversation with your peers is well-worth a Saturday. 

Remember, YOU are responsible for your professional development.

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  1. I'd really enjoy to participate your session on SQLSaturday! Sadly, it's too far away.

    I hope I'll find some conclusions when it has been...


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