Thursday, April 15, 2010

Checklist for having a Remote Presenter at your User Group

After having a bit of a tough time in the April OPASS meeting (read about it here), due to not having a checklist, here is my newly minted checklist for hosting a remote presenter.  Let me know what you think.

  1. Make sure you have the meeting setup correctly in Live Meeting.  The right date is very important.  I learned this the hard way by having the wrong date and the presenter could get in, but not any remote viewers.
  2. Test both the presenter AND attendee links prior to the meeting.
  3. Make sure you have the presenters phone number.  Many presenters turn off email, twitter, and IM clients.  You may need the phone number in case there are technical difficulties.
  4. Remember to check sound at your location.  Make sure you have your speakers working for a remote presenter and that you have a working microphone so that you can speak to the remote presenter.
  5. Turn off the screen saver on the PC connected to the projector.
  6. Make sure you click RECORD!  When you send the presenter link to the presenter be sure to include instructions for them to check to see if the recording has been started and if not have them start the recording (they may need instructions for that as well).  This will make them check and help remind you to check as well.


  1. Jack, I think I'd add to that if you're using a camera (on either side) to test that, and also to have a backup plan in case everything fails (Summit DVD is our backup). Also make sure someone monitors the group email account for those with problems, and monitor attendees/respond to online questions.

  2. Both good additions. I should also not that most of these also apply when just broadcasting the meeting as well.


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