Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Presenting at SQLSaturday #41 – Atlanta

I have the privilege of being able to attend and present at SQLSaturday #41 – Atlanta this weekend.  This will be my first SQLSaturday outside of Florida and the first time I will have presented outside of Florida.  I’m looking forward to seeing many “old” friends and making even more new ones.  My presentation is:

Why I Use Stored Procedures and You Should Too!

With the proliferation of ORM Tools like Linq To SQL, NHibernate, there has been a move to no longer use stored procedures for Data Access, I personally disagree. This will be a professional and polite open discussion starting with why I believe stored procedures are the best way to access data in SQL Server. Alternate view points welcome.

With the recent release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 there have been changes in the Microsoft ORM tools that alleviate some of the issues I have with ORM tools, but I don’t think all the issues I see have been addressed.  It’s interesting that at my office we just brought in a consulting company to work on a project with us and they are proponents of Linq to SQL, so I get to try my arguments with them and hear the other side of the argument. 

I’ll be flying into Atlanta Friday afternoon and should be at the speaker party of Friday night, but will miss the after-party on Saturday to be able to catch my flight back to Orlando. 

If you are attending please be sure to find me on Saturday.  I’ll have my contact cards, I hope you will, too!

If you have registered, but will not be able to attend please cancel your registration so someone on the waiting list can attend.  Thanks!


  1. We've got two worlds here that are taking a really long time to get up to speed with each other.

    There's not yet one answer to what's best that even works in a few cases.

    1. SP's execute in the dB and presumably can outperform anything done outside the dB.

    2. Writing SP's means a brain reboot for a lot of people who normally do OO or functional programming. Most people have a hard time even recognising what rebooting is, let alone doing it. If your developers do other things like program coding, this is a problem.

    3. There are a lot of ways of doing "Dynamic SQL" out there and they just got smarter. Some, like "L2S" are very seductive for programmers. With innovation (like F#) around some of this is going to cross over into the dB execution environment some time.

    4. With L2S you can in fact integrate SP's, so it's not black and white. (Best of both worlds? I suspect not yet.)

    The answer depends on history, the people doing the work and the job at hand.

    Hope the talk goes well.

    Promises to cover some interesting ground.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the input. You raise some good points. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I can share my opinions and the reasons for them.


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