Saturday, August 15, 2009

Active August – Week 2 Recap

Well, I had a pretty good week this week.  I made an effort and met all my goals:

  1. Eat smaller portions – this one is hard especially because I feel hungry most of the time.  I did okay, but probably still eat more than is really needed.  I really need to start eating breakfast every day which is supposed to help.
  2. Healthier snacks – I’m mainly not snacking although I did break down and have ice cream for dessert a couple of times and Friday night we had dinner at a friend’s house and they served some kind of caramel flan (a custard like dessert), that I couldn’t refuse.
  3. 20 minutes of purposeful exercise 6 days a week – I made this one easily by walking every day except Friday with some extra work in the pool about several days.
  4. Sit-ups and push-ups every day adding 10 each week.  I made this one with some extra as I did 50 sit-ups and 35 push-ups on Friday night to close the week.

As I have said before this effort is more about lifestyle change than weight loss which is why I don’t have an official weight loss goal, but losing weight is definitely welcome.  Last week I weighed in at 182, this morning at 180.5.  Here’s a chart to plot my movement:


I’d like to think I’m making progress in a healthy manner, but I have to be honest, I’d like to have seen 5 pounds a week gone instead of 2, but as I said, it’s about a healthier lifestyle not fast weight loss.

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