Thursday, July 1, 2010

PASS Spring Event in Orlando

It’s official!  There will be a PASS Conference in the late April or early May in Orlando.  Andy Warren (@sqlandy) blogged about it in his PASS Update #34 post and Kendal Van Dyke (@sqldba) blogged about it in his post, PASS 2011 Spring Event in Orlando.  I’ve mentioned it before as well, but now it is officially going to happen.

I’m excited about it for several personal reasons:

  1. It gives me another opportunity to contribute to the SQL Server community while also gaining great experience in planning and organizing an event. 
  2. I get to work with other great people in the community including Andy, Kendal, the PASS board, and PASS HQ.
  3. I get to have some great SQL Server training right in my backyard.

The SQL Server community should be excited for several reasons as well:

  1. Another opportunity to get great SQL Server training, and it’s inexpensive.
  2. Another opportunity for professional development through presenting that will be a step up from SQLSaturday.  There’s now a path from speaking at a user group all the way up to speaking at the Summit, the premiere SQL Server conference.
  3. Another opportunity to practice and use your networking skills.  You never know when someone you meet will be the person that solves your next problem or provides you your next job (see this posts, 1 & 2, by Tom LaRock (@sqlrockstar)).

Details, like an official name, are still being worked out, but it won’t cost more than $400 (we’re trying to do it for $299), it will involve volunteers (probably from several Florida user groups), it will be in Orlando, and it will be a great time. 

Stay tuned for the official announcement and keep late April/early May free!

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  1. And you can bundle it all together with a trip to Disney and a dip in the pool and have some holiday time too. Sound like a great idea


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